WARNING!! Widow Spider, Southern Black Widow, Massachusetts

How to Identify Profit Income Black Widow Type

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow, named for its lethal touch, which is believed to always be a nightmare. In fact, this spider is actually very pretty, especially because of the special red-colored mark it has. Of course, this spider bite can be a great pain trigger, so it's important to be able to recognize it

Identify Colors and Signs

1. Find the red mark on the spiderFind on the lower abdomen of the spider, two red bloody triangles forming an hourglass. The shape of a red triangle indicates that the spider is a female black widow from the south (United States). Male black widow has a specific pattern on the side that is linked to the back (or upper side) of the spider's stomach consisting of a rosy dot line and yellow or white stripes. [1]

  • Sometimes, the hour-shaped triangular color is yellow or orange, and once in a while you can find a female black widow with just one triangle.

2. Check if the color of the spider is shiny black or shades of brown or gray. Female black widows have a range of colors from dark brown to shiny black, and shiny blacks to the most common colors. In contrast, the male spider is slightly thinner than the female, and is usually brown or gray in color. [2]

3. Examine the spider's abdominal shape. Black widow has a slightly big round stomach, which is directly attached to the chest cavity, behind the back of a pair of legs. The abdominal cavity has the same color as the head, and in that section you will find specific signs of the spider. [3]

Recognizing Physical Characteristics

1. Check if the insect has eight legs. Like all types of spiders, the black widow has eight legs, which spread out from the chest cavity. The rear legs are covered by the fine hairs used by the spider to wrap / trap its prey in the fibers / silk thread it produces. [4]

2. Check the spider's face. Find two horizontal lines where there are four eyes that cross the face. The farthest left and right eyes on each line protrude from the face of the spider and are slightly larger than the others.

3. Check the heads in close proximity to find two limbs, or fanged jaws. The jaws open sideways resembling scissors, to inject enemies with can. [5]

4. Measure the spider. If the spider has died, or you can be close enough to the insect without harassing it, try measuring its body. The female black widow body, including the legs, has a length of about 3.8 cm. While the male spider has a smaller size, body length including legs approximately 1.9 cm. [6]

5. Measure the cobwebs and carefully shape themBlack widow net is usually irregular shaped. The net is strong, meaning the net is a bit thicker than other types of spider webs. The nets looked like they were tangled and chaotic, but they were actually built very carefully. Black widget nets usually have a diameter of about 30 cm. [7]

6. Find the brown or white eggshells in the spider webIn the spider web there may be one or two bags each containing about 900 eggs. The eggs are slightly rounded and most likely the spider will be very close to it. The female Black widow never leaves the 'nest'.

7. Note the location of the spider webIn general, black widows live in a dry and dark hideout. The creature is often found in corners of space, electric meter boxes, cellars, piles of wood and also under the rocks. Black widows live mainly in warm climates and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. However, the insect prefers an area no more than 45 degrees from the equator.


  • Types of spiders black widow spends most of his time by hanging upside down in the area of webs, waiting to catch prey.
  • Black widow is not aggressive . Although the bite is dangerous, it is very unlikely that you will be bitten by one of the insects. However, your pet may be able to play with the spider and risk being exposed to the defensive bite of the spider. Therefore, make sure your home is free of spiders that happen to have these special features.


Although the general perception that you will die by a black widow bite is incorrect, it will cause serious injury, nausea, and difficulty in breathing. However, the condition will be fatal if bitten are children, the elderly or someone who is seriously ill. Regardless of your age and health condition, you should immediately go to the hospital if bitten by one of these spiders

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