Some players have managed together with Ronaldo in Portugal recently. Nani, Ricardo Quaresma and Eder was in the squad when the Portugal win the European Championship last year, with Eder scored the winner in extra time of the final against host France, but nothing works, Fernando Santos ' squad for Confederations Cup, a World Cup warm-up event. Silva has been compared to a young Fernand Torres, the former Spain striker playing for Atletico Madrid.

 Future high is the danger of the ball inside the area. He was cool and calm when she had the chance of backlash. In addition to being an Idol, Ronaldo also serves as a mentor to talented young forward. " Congratulations to talk to me and give me advice, "said Silva. "He has been playing this game for a few years, I'm just starting. I try to listen to him, and he tried to help me we are the best she can. I think that we communicate well and we have a good understanding, and this leads to good results.

"Ronaldo scored twice and set up Silva goal in the team's win 3-0 in Latvia in European World Cup qualifying match last week, before the team's Group A opener Sunday against Mexico in Kazan Arena. The duo scored in the same game three other times — World Cup qualifier against Hungary, Faroe Islands and Andorra. Silva's first goal with Portugal squad is melee 86th minutes against Andorra 6-0 's defeat, in which Ronaldo scored four times. It was only the third game of the Silva. In the next game, Silva scored a hat-trick against the Faroe Islands, when Ronaldo added one other goal victory 6-0. " Since I Come to  the national team I feel very welcome, "said Silva.

 "I arrived at a good point in time, when the team had just won the (European). The most experienced of players who received me with open arms and made me feel welcomed. This is a group that is very American, and I'm very happy to get together with people from the beginning. "The regular Course Juniors team Portugal, Silva began the main draw when he joined the senior squad of Porto and played well from the start, finished the season with 21 goals. The increase led to speculation about a move to some of the top European clubs, and he eventually joined AC Milan next season.

SPORT NEWS! Indo-Pak Bilateral Cricket Ties, Shah Rules Out the Resumption

from Mumbai, June 2017 (PTI) override the start of bilateral cricket ties between India and Pakistan any time soon, Amit Shah, President of BJP today said the two countries will continue to play against each other in an international tournament. " Pakistan And India will continue to play in international tournaments but 'not Pakistan or India played in Pakistan played in India' Shah, who heads the Gujarat Cricket Association, said, a day ahead of the clash between the arch rivals in the Champions Cup final in England. Shah, who is here on a three days visiting to strengthen the party's organizations in the country and is scheduled to meet Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray , said the BJP would consult its allies before finalising the NDA candidate.

"We will consult with all of our allies and then reach a decision about the presidential candidates poll," Shah said in a press conference. He responded to a question about ally Shiv Sena, which often has been critical of the BJP and Modi Government, suggested the name Mahesh M S, best known for directing the India s Green Revolution, as the President's choice. Shiv Sena says it can choose the path of "independent" in the election to the highest constitutional Office. This has supported a Congressional nomination--Pratibha Patil and Pranab Mukherjee--in the past two presidential selections. When asked about the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Fadnavis chess ' comment that BJP prepared for the election of the Assembly a snap, in clear reference to the continued tension in the relationship with the Shiv Sena, Shah said, "what he meant was that if the mid-term poll was forced on us, we are ready to fight." Hailing Narendra Mody's  populars leader since the independence, Shah said the Prime Minister had made all efforts to transform India into a world power in the year 2022, when the nation celebrates 75 years of freedom. Under Modi, he said, India has become the fastest in the world of economics. The head of the BJP said Modi had been restoring dignity to the Office of the Prime Minister. " Every Minister in the Government of UPA considers himself previous PM, but nobody considered the U.S. am BST, "he said.

While praising Modi to impose a goods and services tax law, the leader of the BJP says no one else has "online or the ability" to do so. "India has emerged as a global leader on climate change issues, as seen at the Paris Conference," said Shah. Shah said the Government brought an end to the politics of appeasement Modi and Dynastic rule. " Our greatest achievement is the end of dynasty rule, communalism and appeasement (politics), "he said.

NEWS!! US OPEN 2017, The Best Things To Watch For At ERIN HILLS


Although the host the USGA is trying to get away from it, for years the U.S. Open has marketed itself as "the toughest test in golf." Whether you love it or hate it, it's unique and has its own strong to quite strong identity. There will be frustration, yelling,absurd anger, drives, exquisite shots, and a major champion. Here are 10 things towatch and know for this week's 117th edition at Erin Hills in Wisconsin.

Mad About Grass

The always entertaining wall-to-wall coverage of some course featured or forms hascentered around the high fescue grasses of Erin Hills this week. We always get something every U.S. Open, whether it's the debate over "native sandy areas" at Pinehurst, wrecked greens at Chambers Bay, and now this in Wisconsin. It's hilarious to watch, if you just keep a little perspective.

Kevin Na, of all people, ignitied type this year's forms on Sunday, when he posted an Instagram videos twig (maybe half-jokingly) about how thick the fescue was just off the fairways here.

There’s fescue at British Opens and other American venues, but what made this different was how dense it was just off the fairway. It was basically a hazard — you’d struggle to find your ball and if you did, you might not be able to hit it more than a couple feet. The best case scenario was a hack out into the fairway maybe 40 yards or so. There was also the legitimate problem of the fescue being the most dense just off the fairway and thinner farther off of it — rewarding those who actually hit a worse shot that was more off line and into the thinner stuff.

So this grass became the talk of the championship and the USGA made it even more of a drama on Tuesday when they just started removing huge chunks of it while players were out practicing. It looked like a pretty significant alteration just 36 hours before the championship started.

The USGa was adamant that this was one of a "prescribed plan" of maintenance and not some reaction to Na and other players saying it was too much. They cited heavyrains early in the week making it "lay down" and become even more dense.

So that led to a reaction to the reaction, with Mr. Rory McIlroy being the most vocal.Rory's biggest issue was that these are the widest fairways — 60 yards in many spots  in the history of the U.S. Open and if you can't hit them, maybe you deserve to lose your ball or go into that stuff. And if you're mad about it, you should go home.

In the end, the USGA removed chunks of the fescue and mowed it back on four holes. But the move looked panicky so close to the start of the major and that combined with social media player complaints to give us a big ol' grass forms that sucked upall the oxygen of the practice round days.

So be on the lookout for players trying to play out of that stuff and hollering about it when they do.

Air Phil 1

Unfortunately, it looks like Phil Mickelson is not going to make it to the U.S. Open. Phil said he needed a four-hour delay on Thursday in order to get his daughter's from high school graduation to Wisconsin before his tee time. Thursday looks like the only definitively clear weather day, with a 0 percent chance of rain until late afternoon. So Phil will not even board his private jet to try and make the mad dash to ErinHills, which is a real shame--tracking Water Phil 1 all Thursday was going to be so much fun.

Phil’s unlikely arrival _means this is will be the first major without 'Mickelson or Tiger Woods since the 1994 Masters. We’ve accepted this “young” crop of superstars — Rory, Spieth, DJ, Day, Rickie, Hideki — as the changing of the guard awhile ago. But that’s a narrative you are going to get this week with Tiger and Phil officially off the premises.

Pace and Space

The fescue may be a cause of what will become interminably long rounds. When player hit into it, it’s going to take time to find the ball or they will exhaust the allotted time they’re allowed to look before giving up and having to play another one. And if they do find it, they’re not going to advance it far and we’re going to be adding shots and adding time. This is also a course meant to be playe in the wind, and if it’s up and blowing the way the USGA didn’t expect, then that’s going to add a ton of time too.

But that’s just a part of what will make these long rounds. A U.S. Open always slow and deliberate  its the 'toughest test' for a reason and player's always take an extra mental beat before playing a shot, This Erin Hills property, however, is going to make the physical challenge a demand too and probably have everyone moving a little slower.

Players on the ground are saying this may be the longest and most demanding walk they have had at a U.S. Open. Kevin Van Valkenburg of ESPN called the place “too big” on Wednesday.

The biggest one of the issue is the walk from green to tee, some of which are 200 yards. The course is extremely hilly and about an 8.5 to 9 mile walk -- an average pro round is usually in the 6 mile range. Justin Thomas measured that he took almost 20,000 steps during one of his practice rounds.

Now, you might scoff at theses millionaires having to walk a bit more and that’s fine. But play a U.S. Open at the same time in June heat and the 9-mile walk becomes a little different. And it’s going to slow things down — the USGA is allotting 4 hours and 52 minutes for threesomes the first two days. If that’s what they’re hoping for, expect rounds well in excess of five hours.


A trendy pick to win this week is Jon Rahm. While he might not be the most mainstream name, it’s not exactly a longshot. The 22years old is likely the next superstar in golf and absolutely has a major in his future, and very real soon. This time last year, he was winning low amateur honors at Oakmont. Now as a pro, he’s already worked his way into the top 10 in the world rankings, which is an astoundingly fast rise.

Rahm has the full 14-club game, but he’s been strongest tee-to-green this year. He’s second on Tour in strokes gained: tee-to-green, third in SG off-the-tee and second in SG total. Rahm is the one of world-class player and a big personality too. One of those facts you’ll hear every single broadcast to fill up the profile will be that the Spaniard learned English at Arizona State by listening to rap records.

So familiarize yourself with Jon Rahm. This venue sets up well for him and he’s a talent that will soon, if not already, be joining the cadre of DJ, Spieth, Rory, Day, and other more recognizable superstar names.

Kettle Moraine

The U.S. Open always bashes us over the head with some new word or term of art that we hear all week during the wall-to-wall coverage. Expect to hear a lot over these next four day's about the Ketttle Moraine, the geological name for this land formed by the collision of two glaciers. The “natural land movement” (another term you’re hearing a lot) is spectacular and should provide the players with lots of sloping and uneven lies, a different kind of test that maybe the modern player is not used to so much. The course architects hardly moved any dirt and relied on this natural topography. It’s visually stunning when a camera is able to capture the rolling terrain, which also apparently occurs within bunkers too.

So if you want to sounds informed, or like a enormous dorks, throw Kettle Moraine out there when watching with friends this week, only this week.

Is Rory ready?

This is Rory McIlroy’s best chance for a U.S. Open win since his 2011 runaway at Congressional. It’s all right there for him. It’s a long course, but wide enough to let him use the biggest weapon in his bag, the driver, as much as you’ll ever see at a U.S. Open. The rains that have pounded Erin Hills during practice days also play right into his hands. He admitted as much, saying he definitely wasn’t crying when he saw storms roll in on Monday. He’s also been adamant that he “loves” the course, which is usually half the battle at a U.S. Open, where players oftens psych themselves out of the tournament before they ever hit a competitive shot.

A long, soft course is where McIlroy thrives, hitting the high ball and making it stick right on top of the flag. Those were the exact conditions that led to his dominant 2011 US. Open win, which set records.

So he loves the course, the conditions are perfect, and the setup gives his biggest “skill,” as he will remind you is the word to describe his driving power, a huge advantage. What could go wrong? We’ve not seen much of Rory this year, and when we have, he’s been aggravating a rib injury that’s bothered him since January. He is played just once since the Masters and in that event, The Players, he told us immediately he was having a back problem. Some argued he should have withdrawn but McIlroy played through all four rounds, got a scan, and then skipped every tournament between then and this week.

WARNING!! Widow Spider, Southern Black Widow, Massachusetts

How to Identify Profit Income Black Widow Type

Black Widow Spider

Black Widow, named for its lethal touch, which is believed to always be a nightmare. In fact, this spider is actually very pretty, especially because of the special red-colored mark it has. Of course, this spider bite can be a great pain trigger, so it's important to be able to recognize it

Identify Colors and Signs

1. Find the red mark on the spiderFind on the lower abdomen of the spider, two red bloody triangles forming an hourglass. The shape of a red triangle indicates that the spider is a female black widow from the south (United States). Male black widow has a specific pattern on the side that is linked to the back (or upper side) of the spider's stomach consisting of a rosy dot line and yellow or white stripes. [1]

  • Sometimes, the hour-shaped triangular color is yellow or orange, and once in a while you can find a female black widow with just one triangle.

2. Check if the color of the spider is shiny black or shades of brown or gray. Female black widows have a range of colors from dark brown to shiny black, and shiny blacks to the most common colors. In contrast, the male spider is slightly thinner than the female, and is usually brown or gray in color. [2]

3. Examine the spider's abdominal shape. Black widow has a slightly big round stomach, which is directly attached to the chest cavity, behind the back of a pair of legs. The abdominal cavity has the same color as the head, and in that section you will find specific signs of the spider. [3]

Recognizing Physical Characteristics

1. Check if the insect has eight legs. Like all types of spiders, the black widow has eight legs, which spread out from the chest cavity. The rear legs are covered by the fine hairs used by the spider to wrap / trap its prey in the fibers / silk thread it produces. [4]

2. Check the spider's face. Find two horizontal lines where there are four eyes that cross the face. The farthest left and right eyes on each line protrude from the face of the spider and are slightly larger than the others.

3. Check the heads in close proximity to find two limbs, or fanged jaws. The jaws open sideways resembling scissors, to inject enemies with can. [5]

4. Measure the spider. If the spider has died, or you can be close enough to the insect without harassing it, try measuring its body. The female black widow body, including the legs, has a length of about 3.8 cm. While the male spider has a smaller size, body length including legs approximately 1.9 cm. [6]

5. Measure the cobwebs and carefully shape themBlack widow net is usually irregular shaped. The net is strong, meaning the net is a bit thicker than other types of spider webs. The nets looked like they were tangled and chaotic, but they were actually built very carefully. Black widget nets usually have a diameter of about 30 cm. [7]

6. Find the brown or white eggshells in the spider webIn the spider web there may be one or two bags each containing about 900 eggs. The eggs are slightly rounded and most likely the spider will be very close to it. The female Black widow never leaves the 'nest'.

7. Note the location of the spider webIn general, black widows live in a dry and dark hideout. The creature is often found in corners of space, electric meter boxes, cellars, piles of wood and also under the rocks. Black widows live mainly in warm climates and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. However, the insect prefers an area no more than 45 degrees from the equator.


  • Types of spiders black widow spends most of his time by hanging upside down in the area of webs, waiting to catch prey.
  • Black widow is not aggressive . Although the bite is dangerous, it is very unlikely that you will be bitten by one of the insects. However, your pet may be able to play with the spider and risk being exposed to the defensive bite of the spider. Therefore, make sure your home is free of spiders that happen to have these special features.


Although the general perception that you will die by a black widow bite is incorrect, it will cause serious injury, nausea, and difficulty in breathing. However, the condition will be fatal if bitten are children, the elderly or someone who is seriously ill. Regardless of your age and health condition, you should immediately go to the hospital if bitten by one of these spiders