SPORT NEWS! Indo-Pak Bilateral Cricket Ties, Shah Rules Out the Resumption

from Mumbai, June 2017 (PTI) override the start of bilateral cricket ties between India and Pakistan any time soon, Amit Shah, President of BJP today said the two countries will continue to play against each other in an international tournament. " Pakistan And India will continue to play in international tournaments but 'not Pakistan or India played in Pakistan played in India' Shah, who heads the Gujarat Cricket Association, said, a day ahead of the clash between the arch rivals in the Champions Cup final in England. Shah, who is here on a three days visiting to strengthen the party's organizations in the country and is scheduled to meet Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray , said the BJP would consult its allies before finalising the NDA candidate.

"We will consult with all of our allies and then reach a decision about the presidential candidates poll," Shah said in a press conference. He responded to a question about ally Shiv Sena, which often has been critical of the BJP and Modi Government, suggested the name Mahesh M S, best known for directing the India s Green Revolution, as the President's choice. Shiv Sena says it can choose the path of "independent" in the election to the highest constitutional Office. This has supported a Congressional nomination--Pratibha Patil and Pranab Mukherjee--in the past two presidential selections. When asked about the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Fadnavis chess ' comment that BJP prepared for the election of the Assembly a snap, in clear reference to the continued tension in the relationship with the Shiv Sena, Shah said, "what he meant was that if the mid-term poll was forced on us, we are ready to fight." Hailing Narendra Mody's  populars leader since the independence, Shah said the Prime Minister had made all efforts to transform India into a world power in the year 2022, when the nation celebrates 75 years of freedom. Under Modi, he said, India has become the fastest in the world of economics. The head of the BJP said Modi had been restoring dignity to the Office of the Prime Minister. " Every Minister in the Government of UPA considers himself previous PM, but nobody considered the U.S. am BST, "he said.

While praising Modi to impose a goods and services tax law, the leader of the BJP says no one else has "online or the ability" to do so. "India has emerged as a global leader on climate change issues, as seen at the Paris Conference," said Shah. Shah said the Government brought an end to the politics of appeasement Modi and Dynastic rule. " Our greatest achievement is the end of dynasty rule, communalism and appeasement (politics), "he said.

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